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"Neuroscience meets Developmental Psychology"

Developmental Psychology "develops" to Developmental Science and includes now biological sights of development.

Herbert Scheithauer, Kay Niebank
To See an Elephant: Developmental Science
European Journal of Developmental Science
2007/1,1 ; S. 6–22:
The aim of Developmental Science is to understand the complex interacting biopsychosocial mechanisms in the development of living organisms. Thus, Developmental Science has roots in both the biological and social disciplines and can bee seen as a meta-theory rooted in developmental principles to guide work and thinking on biology and social behaviour and their interactions over ontogeny.

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Scheithauer, Herbert / Ittel, Angela / Josephs, Ingrid E. et al.
Editorial: The European Journal of Developmental Science
S. 1–5

Scheithauer, Herbert / Niebank, Kay
To See an Elephant: Developmental Science
S. 6–22

Ittel, Angela
Historical Roots of Developmental Science
S. 23–32

Mack, Wolfgang
Developmental Science as a Boundary Opening Framework for Anthropology, History, Cultural Sciences, and Philosophy
S. 33–46

Josephs, Ingrid E. / Valsiner, Jaan
Developmental Science Meets Culture: Cultural Developmental Psychology in the Making
S. 47–64

Sarimski, Klaus
Understanding Mental Health Problems Among Children with Mental Retardation from a Biopsychological Perspective
S. 65–81

Greve, Werner / Ebner, Natalie C.
Intentional Self-Development – Genetically Framed
S. 82–94

Call for Papers
S. 95–96

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