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Read and see Jay Giedd how he speaks about the neuroscience of the teenbrain

Interview with Jay Giedd
What has surprised you about looking at the adolescent brain?
The most surprising thing has been how much the teen brain is changing. By age six, the brain is already 95 percent of its adult size. But the gray matter, or thinking part of the brain, continues to thicken throughout childhood as the brain cells get extra connections, much like a tree growing extra branches, twigs and roots. In the frontal part of the brain, the part of the brain involved in judgment, organization, planning, strategizing -- those very skills that teens get better and better at -- this process of thickening of the gray matter peaks at about age 11 in girls and age 12 in boys, roughly about the same time as puberty.
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A critical article about the neuroscientific way of description -
Are Teens Just Wired That Way?
Researchers Theorize Brain Changes Are Linked to Behavior
Shankar Vedantam Washington Post Staff Writer , June 3, 2001; Page A1
Neuroscientist Jay Giedd was studying the brains of healthy teenagers when he noticed something odd: The brains appeared to change in unexpected ways as the youths matured through adolescence. …..

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