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Book review: The learning brain. Lessons for Education

Here I present you a very interesting book for parents, educators and teachers. A book which resumes the knowledge of Neuroscience and its meaning for learning and education.

Book review:

Blakemore & Frith: The learning brain. Lessons for Education
(2005) Paperback, ISBN: 9781405124010, Price between 17.70 and 20 $ (deutsche Rezension im Blog Neuropädagogik)

Blakemore and Frith want to designate results of the brain research and its implications for education and instruction. The authoresses arrange in easily understandable way an overview for the reader to the conditions of the brain research and its results about "learning". In particular high expectations to the brain research, waked by individual neuro and education scientists, are analyzed on the basis the existing research. They come to the conclusion that many educational transmissions are on one side, hasty and rather speculative. The authoresses argue questions with controversies for the estimate of the research results concerning the brain development.

Interesting book structures and contence:
  • development of reading-, computing and writing ability is considered
  • brain processes are treated, which have to do with mathematics.
  • brain systems are considered, which have to do with the reading ability.
  • how to learn reading, writing weakness and its neuroscientific realizations
  • disturbances of the social and emotional development.
  • brain research considered development in the Adoleszenz
  • remaining chapters lights up, as adult learn
  • which views give the neuro sciences to the nature of learning.
  • which brain mechanisms are appropriate for topic different learning methods

  • well understandably
  • done to a large extent without specialized jargon (special terms are described in the glossary)
  • scientifically founds a balance pulls over it which the neuro sciences of the Paedagogik have to offer at the moment at realizations
  • ideal book for a risers into the topic neuro sciences and Paedagogik

In particular for parents, educators and teachers the book offers important background knowledge. It lights up at the possibilities and borders of neuroscientific knowledge for education and instruction and is for this a well understandable overview of the current conditions of the research. From the brain research already hastily drawn conclusions are related thereby and their actual content is presented

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About Sarah-Jane Blakemore:

group leader cognitive neuroscience

About the book:
Study results from S.-J. Blakemore:

Ground-breaking British research has revealed that teenagers' brains change during adolescence much more than had previously been thought,3605,1640240,00.html

It’s not just the hormones, says Vivienne Parry. During puberty teenagers’ brains are undergoing a radical readjustment

Look inside the book by "google books": here !

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